Fun and Easy Two Player Card Games

Can you remember the last time you played a two player card game? Bet it was a rainy weekend with absolutely nothing to watch on cable or was it a long and lazy summer afternoon with just a deck of cards to keep you two company. Sure, there are four or more player card games to play but most challenging games are played one-on-one. So if you are looking for great two player card games, here are some of the most popular. Their card game rules are all online.

  • 66 or Schnapsen – is a simple 2 player card game with a goal of scoring 66 points before your opponent. You don’t use all the cards in a standard deck, only 24 cards (9, 10, J, Q, K and A). The rules are simple; you need to pair the Kings and Queens of the same suit and at the same time get important cads. A score of 66 points is needed to win a hand but players are not allowed to keep a score sheet during the entire game. If you have played Santase before then the rules are actually the same.
  • Gin – is a simple 2 player card game where players use a standard 52 cards. Deal 10 cards first and flip the topmost card. You need to build runs and sets of 3s and 4s. The objective of the game is to score more than your opponent. Although there are many strategies in winning the cad game, the basic one is to improve your hand by forming melds and reducing deadwood cards; the point value of deadwood cards are according to their face value. There are many variations of this popular game including a Hollywood gin and an Oklahoma gin.

  • Crib – one of the most popular British pub card games for 2 players which can also be played by 4 people. The usually standard 52 cards are needed and cribbage board so the players can keep track of their scores. The winner of the game is the person who is first to reach 121 points. There are many strategies in playing crib but one of the most interesting part of the game is the unique terminologies. Words like nobs and heels or expressions like “two for his heels” are very common and you need to understand these if you want to learn how to win in this unique two person card game.
  • Hola – this 2 player card game is pronounced with the H. Deal out the deck until all players have four cards in hand. The 2s and the 7s are considered wild cards and the Aces and the 10s are the cards that score points which are worth 10 points. Strategies in playing hola are all about beating a card from the same rank but not the same suit and the game proceeds until all the cards in the deck is used. A player wins when he has the highest score after the deck is exhausted.