Easy Two Player Drinking Card Games

Last week I was stuck at home with a buddy, a deck of cards and beer. Enjoying beer with a friend on a lazy afternoon could be fun but what can make it better is playing two player card drinking games. I have a few 2 player card games that I knew would be a hit in a drinking game and here’s what we decided to play:

  • Across the bridge – this could be a card game for two players but it can be played by four or more. Deal ten cards from a standard deck in a straight line which is called a bridge. Each player flips one card in the bridge and if he gets cards from 2 to 10 then he is considered safe and can flip another card. When he gets a J, Q, K or an Ace he must drink. One sip for a Jack, two sips for a Queen, three for a King and 4 times for an Ace.


  • The Blow – a good two player card game which needs a standard deck of cards and an empty beer bottle. The game is very simple, place a deck of cards on top of an empty bottle, each player take turns blowing cards off the deck and the player who blows the last card from the deck must drink one bottle of beer. There are of course rules to the game; if an ace is blown of the player must drink one beer and if a 2 is spotted he must drink 2 and so on.


  • Snaps – an easy card game that needs a deck of cards and two or more players. Deal the cards evenly and cards are kept face down in a pile. Each player takes turns flipping cards and putting cards in a pile in the center when the flipped card has a value that matches the previous card; players have to say “snap” out loud. The last person to mention snap will have to drink a beer. Player can designate a value for the cards before the game begins. The winner of the game is of course the person with the most beer drunk.


  • The “Circle of Death” – this card game for two players is a fun and easy game to play. A standard deck of cards is arranged in a circle face down. The object of the game is to guess the suit of the card that will be turned over and if the guess is correct the opponent will have to drink up the number of beer in the card.


  • Beer Uno – you need a complete deck of Uno cards and two or more players. This fun card game for two is just like playing a regular Uno game ; each player take turns taking a card from the center pile and drinking every time. The opponent will take one drink for every card that remains in his hand. The only difference from the traditional Uno game is there is no keeping score and is so much fun with shots of beer.