Popular Two Player Drinking Games

If you could play cards and drink beer at the same time, which card game would you play? There are many variations of popular card games to play as you drink the day away with your buddies and here are some of the most fun and easiest card games for two:

  • Fubar – a simple two player card game that can also be played by three or more players; basically, the more drinkers the more fun! Shuffle a standard deck of cards and pile the deck in the middle of the table. Each player takes turns in flipping a card and each one has a different rule:

Ace – the player takes one sip

2 – The player takes two sips

3 – The player takes three sips

4 – ask your opponent a question; personal and revealing questions are open!

5 – The player takes five sips

6 – The player admits something that he has never done before in his life.

7 – The fastest thumb wins; players must place their thumbs on the table and the last person to place his loses and drinks.

8 – The category card – the player must mention a certain category and each player must give an example until someone gives up.

9 – The rhyme card – the player must give a word and each person takes turns giving a rhyme to the word.

10 – Everyone has a free drink!

Jack – only guys will drink

Queens – only girls will drink

King – the player who picks the card has to drink as much as he can, then the next player has to follow and so on.

The game stops when there are no more cards to flip or there is no more beer to drink!

  • High or Low? – is a very easy card game for two players but four or more players can be more fun! Use a full standard deck of card and each player has to guess whether the card is higher or lower than the other; if he guesses right then he may continue guessing or he may pass the deck to his opponent. If he is incorrect, he drinks the number on the card and his turn ends. Imagine drinking as much as 7 to 10 cups of beer for one mistake!

  • Asshole – this playing card game is started with determining each player’s rank and the object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. Lay down cards that have the same face value, your opponent has to lay down cards with equal or greater value using the same amount of cards that you did. If your opponent manages to lay down the same number of cards then you have to drink; of you can’t play any of your cards then you also have to drink. When a two is played the cards are cleared and if ever the two of you skips. Determining ranks may be done when playing with three or more players but with only two players a ranking system may be skipped.